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Photo © Francesco Arese Visconti
Photo © Francesco Arese Visconti
Article by Diego Beamonte, traduction française Camille Saadé
11 November 2011

ICV's MigraLingua program and the Webster University Geneva Media Department are embarking on a social integration awareness campaign. With the guidance and direction of renowned photographer Francesco Arese Visconti, the "New World" photography project will expose the realities of the Swiss multicultural society and the secrets behind it.

As part of the MigraLingua program, and our credo to assist, inform and support other organizations in the development of projects, ICV has established cooperation with Webster University in to contribute to an accepting society and a better understanding of migration issues.

The aim of this project is to show how the world in which we live in has shifted from homogeneous societies into wildly mixed communities. “New World” will attempt to demonstrate, through portrait photography how our society benefits from this fundamental change.

Our goal is to exhibit photographs and interviews of African people living in Switzerland, in a traveling exhibition, as well as in online and book formats. The photographs and interviews will be done with complete discretion, as we uncover the reality of the inhabitants of this country beyond what the public sphere has to offer. The portrait photographs, a specialty of Mr. Arese Visconti, are already underway, as key figures of the African Diaspora have collaborated with us from their homes, offices and everyday environments.

Our hope is that through this exhibition people will become more aware of the positive aspects of migration. The length of the project will be from July 2011 to April 2013 with possibilities of expansion.

We would be honored to cooperate with you, your organization, or its members in this project. It will be appreciated if you could help us in this project, by promoting it to your family, friends and colleagues.

If anyone is interested, please contact us so that we may begin meeting the potential families to be photographed.

In case you need further information about our project, please do not hesitate to contact us at migralingua [at] or by phone at +41 22 800 14 36.

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