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John Brownlee
As an experienced business professional, I would like to transition to a career with an NGO or global organization that aims to provide services and programs that deal with poverty, food and water security or disease prevention. I would like to volunteer my time and skills to an organization to help them achieve their goals while providing me with a new opportunity to expand my skills and give me insight into how I may transfer my vast knowledge into the not for profit sector.
— John, Switzerland
Kates Allas
A creative professional with 15 years of experience in bringing new life to brands, companies, designing for print, web, product and everything in between. Working at building creative departments from the ground up and leading a business to a new way to represent themselves. Exceptional management skills, dealing with and running clients meetings to bridge the creative process. Task oriented, detailed oriented nothing is overlooked from conception to projects finish. Now pursuing interest on e-MEDIA evolution, writing and publishing Social and Current Events on our current ONLINE NEWS in ZAMBOANGA PENINSULA (www.zambotimes.com) As Creative Director of ZIMNET: Creatively directed, designed, and strategized all product, advertising, catalog and web campaigns for the in-house department with an agency engine. An integral part of rebranding and refreshing the corporate identity, creating & updating all websites. Managed flow of artwork within the in-house unit along with outside agencies. Developed graphics designs such as decals, catalogs, advertising, web ads, clothing, National & International tradeshows. Directing photo shoots of TV and Political Personalities and Filming in action.
— Kates, Philippines
“I am Mamadou Mbodj, a career diplomat and an Economist highly interested in International Economic Relations and Development processes. I have acquired over the years extensive experience in initiating, analyzing and evaluating projects and programs, carrying out economic studies, managing strategies and macroeconomic policies for economic development as well as building partnerships. I have acquired also experiences in the definition, analysis and evaluation of development policies in the UN system, in multilateral processes and international negotiations. I have teaching experience. I had served as a lecturer in General Economics and Business Management, and has participated, as a Consultant, in several studies related to Productive Projects Evaluation, Economic and Statistical Analysis, and have been also involved in various national development program”. I would like to share my experience, help, assist and contribute to the implementation of the development policies intended to reduce or eradicate poverty of the people or communities living in vulnerable conditions in developing countries, in particular LDCS, LLDCs, SIDS, FOSS and post-conflict countries. Mr. Mamadou Mbodj- Senegal (West Africa)
— MAMADOU, United States
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